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Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men



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Don’t Marry Forum (2004-2006):

PDF: DM-2004-2006.pdf


‘Failure to Launch’ Soars to Top of Box

“Forever Single & Happy” occurs at age….

“Hookers are for Losers” -Your Thoughts

“I wasted a lot of years …”

“Married Men – Post Here If You Hate Your Life”

“Real Women Don’t Do Housework”

“testing a man’s resolve”

“That’s not what I wanted for Christmas”

“The War is On”

“Women and children go first…..”

“You complete me.”

100% control?

30-F: im gonna start crying

37M….No way in hell will I become a slave.

5 real Romeos – Time to vomit!

53F – Feminism. The great lie

6 Reasons to NEVER date a Single Mother

6 years older

A 30-something female lawyer writes in …

A Different Look at Betty Friedan’s Legacy

A discussion on foreign brides with buddy’s wife

A General Theory of Women

A little snapshot of what some Western Women are like…

A Men’s And Father’s Manifesto

A Message to the Troll

A Middle-Aged Princess Grows Up

A new low in stupidity… Woman marries Dolphin

A phone call yesterday

A pretty girl smiled at me today

A Question for My Black Brothers?

A question for the older men

A revolution without a man to love

A social worker finally snaps

About women and friends


advice on how to start divorce

Advice to young men: Do not marry, do not have children

Advice: how to reduce sex drive?

All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this

All you women haters and abusers

Am I My Sister’s Keeper?


America, the land of the fucked up

America’s chief source of inequality? The Marriage

America’s Stay-at-Home Feminists

American white men are pathetic

American Woman gives new hubby herpes

American Womans, suck it up, Biznatches!

American Women – self esteem issues?

American Women will leave good family men because of emotions

An irritant.


Another Divorce Story

Another Strange Question

Another Teacher has sex with 13 y/o student.

Any Good Marriages?

Any happy marriages?

Any other pro-choice, anti-feminist men here?

Anyone Heard From ChrisVet?

Are “shaming tactics” finally losing their power?

Are American women still good for sex?

Are Feminists Mentally Ill?

Are kids the problem?

Are nurses the ideal women to marry?

are we marrying just anyone here?

Are Women Necessary?

Are women our enemies?

Are you a fatist?

Are you a woman basher?

Are you gay or what???

Are you REALLY anti-marriage?

Article by Gonzman, a MUST READ!

Articles by F. Roger Devlin

Ass crack tattoos

AU:Government shifting tax burden to singles.

AW pulls UNBELIEVABLE stunt…


Banning Tag in School


Basic Instinct 2 Falls Flat at Box Office

Be bold!

Be leary of cohabitation

Being ‘invisible’

Being a Good Wife – The Big Three

being asked if you’re married at a job interview

Being Invincible

Best Country for foreign wife?

Best of njslave

Best Pre-Nup Stories

Best quotes / lines / sayings

Better sex over the hill

Bettys are more common than you think

Biblical Prophecy About Women

Bingeing women spur rise of the female bouncer

Bitter Female Negative Feedback for Author

Book of Zed the Zen Priest

Brain’s ‘true love’ lasts only a year

Branded for Life

Bride’s parents pay for the wedding

Bryan, these Men have something to say

California law

Can a chick be welcome too?

Can we change things?

Can’t Find a Good Man? Blame Feminism!

Catch 22

Chatting with an Aussie woman

Check out this debate with a typical woman

Church and Women

Clueless guy…

Comebacks to “Why Aren’t You Married Yet?”

Coming counter-moves from American Women?

Confession of the Week

Connecticut hits obvious marriage strike

Couch treatment (personal experiences)

Crazy feminist ideas about them and men

Daily Interactions with Women

Dating and nasty state of the social psychology.

Dating Red Flags

DC Anti-Marriage Men

Dear American Women

Dear Mr. Don’t Marry (BIG letter)

Democratic Underground

Deployment Princesses – Extreme AW behavior




Discussion with my daughter.



Divorced from Reality

Do Men Fear Successful Women?

Do women “marry up”?

Do you have a middle ground?

Do you realize…

Do you suffer bag lady syndrome?

Do you think it was rape???

Domestic violence victims seeking visas

Don’t marry a Russian woman

Don’t Marry American Women

Don’t Marry Archives (2004-2006) – Download

Don’t Marry Archives (2006-2009) – Download

Don’t Marry Black Women!

Don’t waste their time

Don’t whine BLOG – A Strange Question – Get with the Program!

Dr. Phil Primetime Special on V-day

Dr. Phil’s crap advice

Duped out of motherhood

Eleven-strikes against Marriage 2.0

Entitlement Princess – the worst

Epilogue For “Should We Get Married?”

EPPICard Debit Mastercard-(Must see)

Equality is a Right


Examples of the catfights among women

Exec gets fired for speaking the truth…

Expatriating to Eastern Europe

False Advertising

Falsely accused of spousal rape – 30 yrs.

Father-daughter dance draws hundreds

Female attention

Female co-worker: “What are you saving for?”

Female nurse coordinator = male foreman electrician

Female Pope

Females Who Do Porn?

Femhags Rejoice! Harvard President to Step Down

Feminazi Sweden – this is absolutely ridiculous

Feminism and Equality

Feminism is alive while men are dead

Feminism’s Terrible Blunder

Feminism: Beauty Or The Beast? (article)

Feminism: why it’s only going to get worse

Feminist Cunt Responds to Me Seeking a Foreign Woman


Feminists attack boys, hurt everyone

Feminists discussing essay

Feminists feeling the heat.

Feminists of the year (2007)

FemNag Sister replys to Hate Bounces

FemNag Sister sends me an ugly email.


Fighting can turn your heart to stone.

Fighting off the radical feminist assault

Finding Your Soulmate?

Fledgling AW lawyer destroys her career

For all the naysayers who won’t fight for the West

For discussion…

For the guys that don’t date…

For the trolls that visit here

For the women of South Dakota: an abortion manual

Forget American Women – go to the Philippines instead

Forty-plus women want to look as good as they feel

From Mother Hen to Black Widow

Fundamental Lack of Respect

generalize, generalize

German’s not getting married and having kids

Get a new hobby

Get AW off of CNBC!

Girlfriend despises my “orderly” life.

Girlfriend wants kids/marriage

Girlfriend won’t go on vacation with me unless

Girlfriend’s poor money habits.

Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex

Going Expat

Good girls do

Good Husbands-Are you even aware?!

GOOD women?

Happy Marriage?

have you ever…

He’s Out of Work and I’m Out of Patience

Help! Should We Really Get Married?

Help: I’m 38 year old married and unhappy

help? 34 & still no desire to have family/kid/wife

Hiding assets prior to marriage

HILARIOUS AW moment! ahahahha what cunt!

Hollywood ‘Homosexualizing’ America

Hollywood: Manliness Attacked and Reappearing

Homosexual Activists’ War Against Christianity

Honesty Check

How do you know if a woman really loves you?

How far we’ve come

How many marriageable women have you ever met?

How Many of You Still Watch Television?

How many times have you seen this happen?

How often have women called you ‘gay’?

How older women snag younger guys

How to flee Child support and alimony?

How to make a woman happy.

How were you tricked into fatherhood?

How women think

How Women Want Men to be Stupid

How young is too young?

How your past girlfriend cheated on you

Human Resources at your company?

Hyper-feminism comes from hyper-capitalism

I always tried to impress women to attract them

I am sick of USA shit women

I don’t believe this bitterness does anyone good.

I don’t find USA women attractive

I don’t understand. Why do you hate American Women?

I Feel Sorry For You All

I have not seen my daughter since oct 28 2001.

I just “lost” a woman who refused to sign prenup

I just dodged the bullet!

I love valentines day

I must be insane…

I predict…

I want to adopt a foreign orphan kid

I‘m so tired

I’m a new member (relationship in steady decline)

I’m just a girl.

I’m leaving!

I’m so glad that I found this

Idea: Movie Review Blog/Board from Male POV

If more men viewed life as I do

If we are so undesirable, why the trolls?

Imagine a 35 year old guy who had no money


Immature Guys and Dating …

Important article

Important Info. for the Ladies

In Defense of Chivalry

Interesting article by a woman..

Interesting hate mail with rebuttal

Interesting profile

Internet Dating – An Experiment?

Introduction, and a question.

Is HIS clock ticking?

Is it really THIS bad?

Is it time for Boys only schools?

Is what my professor said true?

It’s time for….

Its Mens’ Fault

Janice wants an engagement ring

Japan has a baby shortage – is the US next?

Japan’s dating strike

John Ross being attacked on

Just a little Asian Feminism for the unlearned

Just got married

Just pay child support?

Keeping a marriage alive after kids.

Keeping Yourself Child-Free

Kids or no kids?


Kobe Bryant

Legal Question-Wife pregnant-not mine

Legalizing prostitution, an essay

Lesbian couple afflicted baby with deafness

Let Me Explain…

Lord Mansfield’s Rule


Love is a Fist – Some good points…

Lovin’ the MirrorOfTheSoul blog

Majority of births will soon be out of wedlock

Male feminists

male friendships later in life

Male Pride and Female Prejudice

male vs female suicide

Man Who Had Sex With Sleeping Wife Charged

Man’s Role


Manhaters being mentioned on RADIO


Marriage according to Craigslist

Marriage and Fatherhood: Important Information for Young Men

Marriage Builds Wealth

Marriage Counseling racket

Marriage growing more irrelevant to my life…

marriage insurance

Marriage is the cradle of mediocrity.

Marriage jokes/humor

Marriage Mania: What’s Your Deadline?

Marriage to a Foreign Woman

Marriage Ultimatum

married and happy

Married Men – post here if you hate your life

Matt Damon Marries single mother / bartender

MBA worth it?

Men are still better off than women

Men are superior to women

Men – Don’t Let This Happen To You!!!

Men feel powerless

Men have lost the ‘battle of the sexes’ . . . because the opponent cheats

Men, Math and Marriage

Men read this now!

Men who complain about Rape stats / TakeBackTheNight

Men’s quality of life in America

mid 30s male, no experience with women

Mirror Imaging – what the women here do not grasp

Miss me?

MLK Quote

Modern feminism: an evaluation

Modern Women

Mom on Strike

Mommy’s little secret

Moral Hazard & American Marriage

More fascism in the district

More games from 40 year old single mom

More men feel like we do

More pathetic American Women on the way

Morgan sacks 4 for visiting strip club

Movies about how women think/act

My #1 Enemy, the NEA and Public Schools

My Art Project

My first attack on my blog from a Woman

My Girlfriend had a tantrum at Golden Griddle

My Girlfriend keeps a daily journal to “deal”

My God The Contradictions

My observations

My observations of USA women

My Story

Myths many young women believe…

Name ONE thing American Women offer

Nameless1 – Are you now soured on marriage?

Nastiest Wife On TV

New male contraceptive clears hurdle

Newsweek cover – this week’s

NFL Player’s Wife Knifes Him Night Before Game

No-Fault Divorce – The End of Marriage?

No Country for Burly Men

Not all FW are great…Japanese Devil Wives…

NOW calls men “hormone-ravaged animals”

Obesity rates soaring with American women

Of course Nice Guys always come last in dating!!

on “living together contracts”

on common law marriage

On The Marriage Strike …

on your real chances of divorce

Only an American Woman …

OT: There Is No Housing Bubble!

Outcast Superstar Blog Archive (216 MB)

Parrot informs owner on cheating partner

Pay CLOSE Attention to what is being PROJECTED

Paying for it

People make me sad

Please help guys, I need advice

Political asylum for American men abroad?

Positive Qualities of American Women?

Positives of being single

Prague + My history with bitch AW’s

Preacher wives can feel trapped

Pregnant women??

Prenups and Quitting Your Job: an NYC woman’s take



question about prenups

Question for divorcees

Question: Islamic rule in the US?

Quick question on sexual partners

Raising Cain

Rates and %’s

reading for days: seems like a bunch of bologna

Reason #1001 Not to marry

Remember AW Lizzie Grubman?

Repulsive “Wifely Expectations” pact emerges

Romance novels for women get frankly sexual

Roots of the American Culture and Community in Disarray

ruminations on raising daughters

Sad b/c single during “couples” holidays? Hardly

Same-Sex Marriage is a Feminist Issue

Saw my ex gf after six months

Secrets of Married Men

Selections From The Destiny’s Child Anthology

Selective Service

Selfish & lazy in bed?

Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships

Sexy media a siren call to promiscuity


Shaming Language: How to beat it.

She’s the homecoming king

Sick of women after 3 to 6 months of dating

Sign Me Up!

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Simple Solution to this No Fault Divorce Problem

Single, successful, 35..not married..must be gay

Single. Have cash. Do I buy a house?


Smith College (Betty Friedan’s college)

So how long before they introduce a “special” tax?

So You Want to Date a Stripper…

Some thoughts from an old guy (55)

Something my son said

Sorting out puzzle of male suicide

Sperm Donation


STILL desperate for attention …Is 50 the New 30?

stopping another assault on men

Supreme Court to Rule on Railroaded Men

Symposium: To Rape an Unveiled Woman

Talk about a cool bachelor here

Teen nation has parents on the edge

Teenage girls just want to marry and stay home

Thanks for spreading the wisdom guys!

The ‘pussy’

The “Madonna test”

The crazy fuckers just did this…

The Dangerous Rise of Sexual Politics

The Day my Father beat my ass for crying.

The Destruction of an American Generation

The Dont-Marry manifesto is wrong.

The Doofus Department

The Draft

The effect of longer lives and urbanization

The Future of American Women

The Great Divide: Divorce, American Style

The Key to Success

The Nature of Male and Female Relationships

The Nature of the Female

The older you get, the less sense marriage makes.

The other side of the bell-curve

The Pathetic Last Children of Nietzsche

The Psycho Ex Wife

The Psycho Moment: Engagement

The Pussification Of The American Male

The sickest bitch I’ve seen yet.


The single best thing about staying single…

The solution to bad marriages.

The Tide Is Slowly Turning

The Uphill Battle

The White male must be brought down

The White Ribbon Campaign

Think about it…

This is a crap site

this is so negative and unrealistic

Thoughts on Match and other internet dating sites

Thoughts on the Marriage I

Thoughts on the Marriage II

Thoughts on the Marriage III

To all mail order bride supporters!

To the women hating men here.

To the women hating posters here

To the women nay-sayers…

Today’s fact of the day????!!!!!

Tried to get back together with my ex girlfriend

typical american woman comment

Understanding Women

Ungrateful whore

unreal manginas

USA Today Article About Love Misses The Point

Valentine’s Day Bust

Valentine’s Day is next month

Value on world market of Western Men vs. Women

Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless.

VAWA Abuse

VAWA expanded to “Annoying women online”

Views of a 40-Something Confirmed Bachelor

Western Women

What about women who say they have a lot to lose?

What are your turnoffs?

What Career Women Want

What do you do for a living?

What do you do if you don’t chase women?

What does marriage really offer?

What draws young men to MRA sites?

What happened to a friend I know…

What happens to women?

what if the MAN hasn’t consistently kept a job?

What is everyone’s problem with VAWA?

what is this green card that you speak of

What made American Women so repulsive?

What men consider romantic

What the fuck is wrong with her psychology?

What To Do Before The Restraining Order Comes

What to do when you’re in love?

What to do?

What women want

What Women Want – By Val MacQueen

What would the US economy be like?

What’s Happening to Boys?

What’s the point of women coming here?

What’s with the gay hate?

What’s with the religious conservatives here? lets you track every penny

When your Girlfriend asks to borrow money.

Where are the fruits of feminism?

Where is OUR lobby?

White Women age so quickly

White women claiming to be “Asian” in Personals

Why are American men addicted to pussy?

Why are American Women such shit?

Why are women so negative?

Why do American women stop wanting sex?

Why do AW’s act like they are sports fans?

Why do married men keep making fun of themselves?

Why Do Women Say “I Think I am Gonna Go Lesbo”?

Why Do Women Think They Are Better People Than Men?

Why live in America?

Why Married Women Stop Putting Out

Why men should “go their own way”

Why nice guys SUCK

Why the Men’s Movement is stuck in neutral

Wife + Kids = No Sex

Wife for Sale

Wikipedia: Marriage Strike

Will the nightmare ever end?

Will the US(WW) implode like the USSR?

Win! Law forbids women to kill fetuses.

Wives vs. Cooks/Nannies/Maids

Woman From Married or Divorced Family Better?

Women and children

Women and talking

Women and the right to vote

Women as meat

Women bitching about penis size.

Women designed to cheat according to study

Women despise Human Excellence

Women have damn good memories

Women In The Workplace

Women internet dating & unrealistic demands

Women make over 85% of the consumer purchases in the United States.

Women should be hidden

Women to avoid. Read and learn.

Women Travel; Men Work?

Women with dyed hair

Women, soon obsolete?

Women’s expectations in Marriage.

women’s ice hockey

Women’s Infidelity

women’s obsession with flip flops

womens race for life

working with women

Worldwide Global Men’s Rights Strike

Worried about future regrets of not marrying?

worst emotional and financial state of my life

Would you EVER marry an American Woman?


wow you are so correct in your article.

Yanni Kicked out of his Oceanfront Home by GF

Yes, a lot of girls I have dated have boyfriends.

Yet another sad and discouraging story


You are an American woman, that means…

You are intimidated by us.

You Can Do It Later…

You Guys Just Want Submissive Women

You hate us

You should also think twice before having kids

You took away our purpose.

Young male myths I grew out of

Young men, the book women do not want you to read

Your experience with babies/kids?

your fellow rejects crack me up

Your Life is Better Than Hers

Zhirinovsky mocks Rice


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