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New male contraceptive clears hurdle

New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by nigol on Mar 31, 2006, 1:55pm

New male contraceptive clears hurdle

Tyler Dunlap, a 27-year-old newlywed in San Francisco, is just one of the many American men eagerly awaiting the results of a large clinical trial in India.

The trial is studying a new male contraceptive, RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance): a reversible, nonhormonal contraceptive that provides 10 or more years of protection after a 10-15 minute procedure. Researchers received approval this week to begin enrolling additional study volunteers, after a delay of nearly four years.

“RISUG would be exciting because it would mean that, finally, I could take control of my own future, instead of leaving it to someone else,” says Dunlap. “Being in a committed long-term relationship means that I don’t want to rely on condoms for birth control. I’m not ready for a vasectomy, though. This new procedure could be the answer that gives men the decisive control we lack with current contraceptives.”

In the RISUG study, doctors inject a gel into the tube that sperm travel through after they are produced (known as the vas deferens). The gel then disables the sperm as they swim by. In study animals, male fertility returns if the RISUG is flushed out with another injection that dissolves the gel.

Elaine Lissner, director of the nonprofit Male Contraception Information Project in San Francisco, says she is not surprised that American men are watching the RISUG trial with keen interest. She emphasizes that the method has the potential to be the first truly affordable, reversible, long-term male contraceptive.

In 2002, when enrollment in the Indian study was halted, more than 140 men were already using RISUG. Concern about side effects and insufficiency of safety data caused a temporary suspension of the project. However, expert panels subsequently concluded that the major side effect — several weeks of non-painful scrotal swelling in about a third of the subjects –was not enough to stop the study.

Additional Safety Tests

Since 2002, researchers have conducted several additional laboratory safety tests on RISUG.

“When we first began using RISUG in volunteers more than 15 years ago, we didn’t have access to the more sophisticated toxicity tests available today,” says Dr. H. C. Das, one of the lead investigators. “Last year we sent RISUG to an FDA-registered laboratory in the United States for more tests, and the results came back clean. We’ve also done more studies at the Industrial Toxicology Research Centre in Lucknow, India with the latest equipment. We’re glad to be able to provide men this additional reassurance.”

Dr. R. S. Sharma, deputy director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), concurs that the safety results were “very satisfactory.” The ICMR is working to arrange study sites throughout India, beginning with Jaipur, Ludhiana, Udhampur, and India’s capital New Delhi. Three data monitoring committees will watch for any safety concerns.

Next Steps

But Lissner cautions that progress will be slow without sufficient political will. “A reversibility study in men is key,” she stresses. “And we’re hoping that the Indian government is committed enough to this research to get the next batch of RISUG made to the FDA’s latest Good Manufacturing Practice standards. If it is, the results will carry more weight internationally. Then men in other countries — such as the US — can hope for faster government approval.”

Currently, RISUG’s developers are arranging a collaboration with US researchers. Lissner says that to gain FDA approval, US researchers will have to begin with animal tests, so studies in North American men would not start for several years. Still, she notes that “We shouldn’t be discouraged. We already know that RISUG works, which is half the battle in drug development. Men in studies in India have been using it for more than a decade. Now we just have to finish our homework.”

RISUG’s chief developer, Prof. Sujoy Guha of the Indian Institute of Technology, says myths about men not being interested in contraception are just that: myths. “I get letters from men all over the world who beg to come to India and participate in this study at their own expense.”
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by Mes on Mar 31, 2006, 7:35pm

If this becomes available to the public, even in another country like India, the effects in the US and worldwide will be HUGE. No more BS from women about birth control, no more “tricking” men into fathering babies they did not want. Haha, biotches.

If it turns out to be safe and available in India, I will fly over there to get it done. In fact, I foresee a time in the near future where trips to India for RISUG will become commonplace for young men in their 20s and 30s, as common as seniors taking bus trips to Canada to buy cheaper prescription drugs.

Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by Mikhail on Apr 1, 2006, 6:21am

I think it unlikely that the bulk of men in the US will be willing to fly to India in order to get RISUG; on the other hand, I quite agree with you that this procedure is going to drastically change the face of childbearing in the US.

As things stand, the majority of the various forms of birth control rest in the hands of women; with the advent of RISUG, this situation will drastically reverse.

If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the procedure, I highly recommend you Google a search for it and take a gander — you will be amazed.

*It takes about ten minutes to get the procedure done

*It has very, very, very little in the way of side effects

*It’s 100% effective

*It lasts ten years (or more)

*It’s completely (and easily) reversible.

*It’s cheap

Can you IMAGINE what this is going to do to the reproductive scene her in the US when it finally hits these shores?

What’s even better is that I will bet you that the gender feminists will greet RISUG with open arms. Not only will this procedure be seen as a sign of “shared reproductive responsibility”, but it will also drastically cut into the number of women able to choose motherhood as a viable lifestyle option — something the gender feminists must just be salivating over. They never liked the idea of women having kids anyway; it just cuts into the time they can devote to their careers.
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by Pomgran on Apr 1, 2006, 10:38am

A dark thought just came to mind. If feminist ever come to power, could this drug be used to prevent men from having kids in the future? We’ve all heard them say that they want to chemically castrate us. This wouldn’t do that, but it would prevent us from having kids.

Imagine a feminist utopia where they inject all men with this and only after they deem us fit to have kids do they give us the stuff that dissolves the gel.

I certainly want something for me, but lets also keep an eye on how those bitches can use anything against us.
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Apr 1, 2006, 10:49am

If this become available it will end the Gravy Train of Getting Pregnant by “Accident” and Adult Support now going on. High Income Males will be able to protect themselves from Child Support parasites and the Legal Profession will be screaming over lost income.

Women will truly be good for only one thing Sport Sex. And nothing more. Feminists who are Lesbians of course will love this Hetero Women will hate it. There is an excellent posting on the web site.

“One Hell Of A True Rant” worth reading (see below).

I concur it will take at least two generations to undo the damage Feminism has done to our Women. That Women come here like Psychobitch, Kim Cole, Susan and the host of others is an indication of how worried they are. About the shrinking pool of available Men who want them. Otherwise why come here and try to change our minds?

Women see the Man Shortage in relationships and are very worried. This is the Effect of the decades of Female Predation of Males and Gender Hatred. The Cause is Feminism and Women willing to embrace its “benefits” because they perceived it would benefit them personally without thinking of the effects on our culture.

We are now seeing Grandmothers and older Women crying out in alarm at what they are seeing. Men are bailing on Western Shit Women and for good reason. But the problem is two fold, and the reason for my own blog.

Our culture is broken, sick, dysfunctional and bringing even a Good Foreign Woman here is a high risk proposition.


One Hell of a True Rant

Author Unknown

More and more of what you are going to keep finding (and will soon start increasing at an alarming rate) is that men today do not want a relationship, per say, with American women anymore, be it a steady girlfriend and certainly not marriage, because women today are simply out of touch, do not share any values with humanity as a whole, and are damaged goods; as worthless an old broken washing machine, wherein the replacement parts are no longer even available.

Women in 2005 do not “get it.” They are far too demanding, far too critical, feel an overwhelming sense of “entitlement” because of the endless feminist propaganda they are bombarded with through the media, attorneys, and state programs. They want “independence” (which really means working at a frivolous part-time job, answering to no one, to be completely unaccountable for their actions) while walking on the backs of men as their financial support, or worse, as a monthly check they have extorted through the bizarre world of “family court” after a divorce. American women have simply left the human race.

American women want a man to be “traditional,” yet seemed to have lost touch with reality.. strangely oblivious to the fact that if you want a man to play a traditional role, you would have to play the traditional counterpart. Women today have ascribed to this notion of “empowerment,” which translates into being far too bossy, self absorbed and self centered, in addition to all the negatives one associates with women since the dawn of time; pettiness, cattiness, manipulative, confusing sex with love, grossly superficial (any and all value is simply placed in something’s appearance) back stabbing, irrational, let their emotions dictate even the most important decisions resulting in disaster, (in direct contradiction to the fantasy on T.V. and movies, that create the illusion that women are always “intelligent” and “wise” in any given situation) are “above” criticism (once again, an unfortunate byproduct of feminist coaching) completely fake “niceness” (just to get in the door like a salesman) .. my god, the list goes on forever!

The point is, there is nothing even like-able about women today, much less loveable, and Feminism is to blame. If Feminism were to suddenly end tomorrow, it would still take at least two generations to undo the damage that women have done to themselves. To be fair, I have met women who do realize they are to blame for their own misery and the breakdown of the American family. I worked with a twenty-six year old woman who once said, “women are their own worst enemies.” Yet ironically, she was one of the most obnoxious and caustic women I have ever met. So it would seem that even when women realize the truth, they are hopelessly lost for any answer to the problem. Feminism destroyed marriage, the family, the business world, religion- you name it- because it was flawed from the very beginning in that it offered no actual alternative system; women do not have any interest outside of their financial and reproductive freedoms. And come on, let’s get real here- the vast majority of women have never even cared about, or even possess the mental capacity for real political debate or comprehension, but women today are so dumbed down, most of them probably don’t even really know what Feminism is. Sure, we will always have the stray Hillary Clintons, but they do not change the rule. An example of how most women’s I.Q.’s are rarely above room temperature are the ads on television for birth control that actually have to explain to women that birth control products will not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The quest for true freedom was a noble thing, yet that was never the true desired goal of Feminism. But freedom is not freedom when it comes at someone else’s expense (i.e. men) The only time most women will even entertain this “debate” is from the angle that somehow men are now simply “intimidated” by a “strong” woman. “Strong” translated from women speak means a confrontational nightmare of a human being with all the charm of a garbage truck, who though they may “get their way” today through loud demands and legal threats, is only making enemies along the way, isolating themselves and creating a truly treacherous world around themselves, while driving quality men away. I suppose you could argue that American men today are, in fact, intimidated by the modern American female, that is if your definition of intimidation is complete revulsion.. the same someone would have for a black widow spider. There is a world of difference between being intimidated and wanting to just simply hurry up and get a verbal exchange, business deal, or quick romp in the sack over with because of the person’s hopelessly broken down dysfunction you’re dealing with. Why women today do not understand this simple distinction is a mystery, possibly the result of their inability to rationalize. So, in the end, there was nothing wrong with the idea of women having more freedoms, the enormous problems women have today were created by the side effects of Feminism.

You’ll probably think, “well, I’m “happily” married and know tons of other men and women in “happy” relationships.” Well, there is a word that is missing from that sentence, and that word is today. You (or they) are “happily” (together) today, but what about two, maybe five years from now? Women who I never even dreamed capable of the viciousness and betrayal they suddenly ravaged on everyone around them shock me everyday. For you see, this is far, far beyond any “character” issue- this a condition of an entire “movement” (Feminism) that is horribly flawed to the very core from the bottom up. Realizing this clears up all the confusion. So the statement “not all women are like that” becomes obsolete. I’m sure not all violent convicted felons are in fact violent, and we all know for a fact that not every chamber in a gun has a bullet when someone is playing Russian roulette, but who has the luxury of taking that chance? No one. This is about survival, so get smart.

Not only is there absolutely nothing that a man can gain from a “relationship” of any kind with an American woman, it is now down right dangerous and even stupid to marry an American woman; sooner or later she’ll simply dump you when the wind starts blowing a different direction through her head (fickle) then financially rape you in divorce court, while making false accusations of god knows what. Worse, they may only be in a marriage with you in order to pillage your very life- putting on a good show for a few years so it looks legit. American women today, no matter what they look like, are hideous monsters; the most god-awful, most horrible people in human history, yet they keep cluelessly chugging along in their own little cutesy fantasy world of wedding magazines, shopping malls, gossip, teddy bears, drearily dull cell phone conversations, (sounding not unlike quaking ducks) puppies, and babies.

Therefore American men are turning their backs on American women. American women are the gas-guzzling, oil dripping, noisy, over sized, and high maintenance 1973 Chevy Impala nobody wants. Read the stories of American women taking jobs in foreign countries and finding that no man outside of the U.S. wants anything to do with them. And then let’s face it, women are just too insane to face reality.. but there is hope- thanks to the Internet and the world becoming “smaller” everyday, it’s easier to meet quality women who are actually marriage material in other countries. The difference between women from countries with traditional values and American women is the difference between a well balanced, home cooked meal and a meal at McDonald’s. Like McDonald’s, American women are nothing more than junk filled with bad chemicals, it’s bad for you and will kill you. Though it is still legal to sell trash food, it’s dangerous to eat it everyday.

So it’s not all gloom and doom and complete hopelessness- there is now finally a light at the end of the tunnel- I’ve already made two trips out of the country recently and have met some or the most wonderful women in my life! Sure, once I marry someone from out of the country and bring them back here, there is a good chance they will become corrupted, but one thing is for certain- that a woman raised in a family from a culture that stresses strong family values with a mother and a father, is light years ahead of any worthless American woman raised by what amounts to nothing more than a stupid whore “single mother.” It is so beautiful… intelligent American men can now completely shut out American women entirely and cut them out like the cancer they are.

Every year is going to get progressively worse for women in America in their relationships- the quality of men who will sleep with them (and that is all American men want from American women now- a drive-thru quickie) will keep steadily declining. So you’ll find that men are simply turning their backs on American women and walking away (or avoiding them altogether- the smartest thing to do). They just went too far and now it’s over. Women just haven’t woke up yet. Just look around you and see how miserable today’s women are. They all need the guidance of a man, but they, along with our government have driven a wedge between men and women. American women now are diseased and on dangerous psychiatric drugs. For god’s sake, the next woman you meet here in the U.S., tell them to get to clinic and do society a favor; invest in a vibrator and a lot of cats, and get the Hell away! Finally, best of luck finding your bride overseas- it’s going to be so much simpler than you think.
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by BL on Apr 1, 2006, 11:09am

Man, I wish they had this in ’82 when the woman I was living with started “forgetting” to take her birth control pills. I went right out and got a vasectomy because it was the only “choice” I had at the time. I was only 25 by the way.

Thank you feminism for forcing me to make a major decision that I was really not ready to make. I wonder if there are enough men out there like me for a class action lawsuit against NOW or maybe the govt.

Any lawyers care to chime in? I’ll start another thread.
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by SM777 on Apr 1, 2006, 11:19am

You shouldn’t regret it. You did yourself a favor. Having children in this day and age isn’t necessary and can be downright risky for your freedom and financial future.
Re: New male contraceptive clears hurdle
Post by Unable2Login on Apr 1, 2006, 3:40pm

Apr 1, 2006, 10:38am, Pomgran wrote:

A dark thought just came to mind. If feminist ever come to power, could this drug be used to prevent men from having kids in the future? We’ve all heard them say that they want to chemically castrate us. This wouldn’t do that, but it would prevent us from having kids.

Imagine a feminist utopia where they inject all men with this and only after they deem us fit to have kids do they give us the stuff that dissolves the gel.

I certainly want something for me, but lets also keep an eye on how those bitches can use anything against us.

I don’t think they want to prevent us from having kids; the just want our balls–and spines–as a trophy.

Written by dontmarry

January 9, 2008 at 4:39 pm


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