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All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this

All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Costa on Yesterday at 11:38pm

1. I met a young Woman from the Ukraine. She was raised there is a Christian and recently had her first baby. Her Husband is one lucky SOB. She gushes about how much she loves Men, Loves being Feminine and what horrible Women, American Women are.

And she is/was stunning. AW almost hissed at her. She despises Feminists. AW are in trouble. If American Men went to Eastern Europe the US would implode. The way for the Russians to get even with the US it to subsidize low cost flights to Eastern Europe.

2. you can tell by looking at the last name that most of the girls are from Ukraine.

*Yes, most of Ukrainian names end by –ko.

Having lived in Ukraine for more than 20 years of my life, (I was born in Greece though) I can safely say that these two statements are true. Furthermore, there seem to be recurring waves interest on this Board in Russian and Ukrainian girls and their wifely abilities. So I just thought that my two cents’ worth as a former citizen of Ukraine would be of assistance to some of the brethren considering dating or tying the knot with a Russian/Ukrainian chick.

(English being not my first language, I am apologizing in advance for any grammar or stylistic infelicities…)

As a rule, Ukrainian women are nice, good mannered and make good wives. That was one of the first things that struck me real hard on my first few months in Western Australia. For all my love and respect for this Country, I just couldn’t believe my eyes that local women could fall so unbelievably short of my expectations. Never before in my life (although I traveled and lived for a few years in France and Belgium), had I seen so many disgusting, unwomanly and bad-mannered creatures. Western Australian climate being what it is, it should come as no surprise that people have to be rough and tough to survive against all odds, and yet women there seemed to be even tougher than men… Blunt, rude, aggressive, manipulative, vindictive.

(Any modern feminism propagandist is welcome to visit those parts of the world to have their eyes open to the fact that white women can be just as aggressive and violent as men, and all their feminist cunt about women being constantly “oppressed” by nasty and evil men would sink down as a lead balloon). This is not say that I haven’t seen nice and polite women over here, it’s just that the frequency of seeing one worth keeping your look on for more than 5 seconds, is about once every 6 months… Let alone they all were snatched years ago and are now married with kids…

Now, coming back to Ukraine, I have to tell you something really important:

For all their good looks and manners, some Ukrainian chicks can be very nasty.

The one that I was dating in 1999-2000 (just before my arriving to Oz), was an easy-going one with a stunning body and great character. The only problem: gold-digging.

I deliberately kept Irina in the dark about all my paperwork and dealings with the Aussie embassy pretending I was just a normal good-looking guy with an average income and average life prospects. We seemed to be going along well with all that until the day when I discovered that she was secretly dating on-line a 62 year-old American guy living in Montana. To his credit (I found a way to access her email a/c), he was trying to persuade her that with their 32 years of age difference, he was not a good match and that he even had a partner, but my bitch just kept saying that age was something she was concerned about… Well, being 31, I was disgusted…

All her GFs were on a constant look-out for a big fat Western wallet (or at least a Sugar Daddy from Moscow) and the ones that succeeded in their quest were considered to be extremely lucky. Some ended up married to African students apparently hoping to migrate with them to Africa and then to the Big Western Dream.. One Day in future…
Her best GF dropped a hint at me one day that, Irina’s birthday coming soon, she would like to get something closely resembling a golden ring… I said that nothing stoped her from buying gold to Irina herself, but personally I didn’t feel like putting my money down the drain called Jewelery.

I also discovered through her GFs (thank you, girls, you always love dubbing each other to us!) that she had lived with a German man in the past – just swimming in his big in-house pool all day and battening on his income for a year with her young daughter – until the day of reckoning came when they drove back to Ukraine, seemingly, to see her mom and the guy just dumped her there with the visa expired…

I also found some photographs of hers with a much older man on the beach, and her mom said that she’d been dating a 49-year old for a while to get some work done around her 2-bdrm flat for free. The irony was that while working in her bedroom, the guy accidentally found a hidden stash of US-dollars … She never saw him again…

And boy, did one have to see her eyes when I told her soon afterwards that well, you know, actually my visa had just been approved and, oh , you didn’t know that, well, sorry I didn’t tell you before but I am leaving for the Aussie Country very soon, and more importantly, on my one. The amount of backlash and accusations of “having selfishly used” her was un-fucking believable.

I was not cheating, I wasn’t abusing her. I just took some time to discover the Truth.
Now as to why I ALWAYS TAKE TIME.

My elder brother was married for 3.5years to a Ukrainian woman who was 3 years older than him and had a son. She moved into his big beautiful centrally located house from a lousy stinking whorely suburb where she was renting one room in a cockroach-infested hostel. At that time, my brother had a successful business and was so much in love with her that he’d often call a taxi service to arrange her pick up from work and there was a bouquet of roses on the back seat…

He spent thousands on her buying furs, jewelery, tons of make-up, holidays. All went well until the day when his business hit some taxation rocks and they had to “work creatively” with their books to make all ends meet. The fucking bitch was just waiting for that to happen – she went and dobbed my brother to her mates who worked in Tax Department (we later knew that she was rooting with one of them) and my brother had to leave the town within one day.

Surprise, surprise, he was never pursued anywhere else in Ukraine yet every time he would return to his home town, Tax police would be mysteriously alerted as to his whereabouts and was on their way he would have go flee again.

All that was set up by that greedy bitch so that she could declare in the court that he had left/abandoned her and had no desire to live with her in their family home and now she was divorcing him.

She got our house, assets and every thing in the house.

My poor brother lost just everything he had; he was never able to get over that. Some years later, he began drinking, fell over and died on the street last year aged 40.

Well, yes, she is Ukrainian. There is no mistake about that.

What I am telling you here guys is this:

I know only full well what AWs and WWs are all about. A wise man with a iota of self-respect should indeed give them a very wide birth as far as any legal commitments go.

But keep your eyes wide open when you are talking about how Russian or Ukrainian women could fix up our problems.

Verily, verily I tell you:
most of them are just after your houses, cars and bank accounts.
Nothing else.
Been there, done that, got a T-shirt.

Now, the only women that can be trusted and are generally good marriage material for any man in the world are the ones coming from CHRISTIAN backgrounds. The ones that were born and raised in Christian families rather than converted later in life (many of these ones are just looking to get married in their church, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any intrinsically good moral values though).









Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Pomgran on Yesterday at 11:49pm

There are scum women in every country. I know Russians who did the multi dating BS thing. Then when outed, did their best to cover their tracks. They where here in the US and heavy into the femnag groups.

I dated a Ukrainian girl from Kharkov when doing international. Take about paranoid! According to her I was bagging 5 different women every night on my trips. The paranoia turned to demands and out right ultimatums, that’s when it was time to bail. The sex was great, but not that great. She did not believe in religion, actually was down right hostile towards it and both parents were university profs who had done exchanges to the US. Which I think was part of the problem.

Personally I have quite a few Bulgarian friends, I think Bulgarian women are very nice. A few are just plain old flaky and couldn’t show up on time if their life depended on it, but they were not bitchy and let a guy be a man.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Costa on Yesterday at 11:56pm


I lived in Kharkov and knew well some academia people from English Studies Dept in their State University. some of them were indeed involved in cultural exchanges with the US )) You still remember that sheila’s surname?
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Pomgran on Today at 12:06am

Yeah, I remember her surname, Her parents taught at the Polytechnic. I remember her Dad was a science type, dealing in ceramics, I met him in the states while he was over there as a visiting prof. The name was Lisachuk. She’s in the US somewhere, torturing some poor guy somewhere with where wacko theories that the Russian mafia is out to get her. Can’t say I miss that skank.

My Bulgarian and Romanian female friends are much nicer.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by chrisw79 on Today at 1:29am

Pardon me for sprinkling a little rain on the parade, but I couldn’t help but notice how ‘Christian’ was slipped in there at the end. Personally, anytime someone tries to slip ‘Christian’ into a conversation in the context of some kind of moral superiority, I terminate the conversation. I don’t like having religion fed to me as any sort of moral high ground. The fact of the matter is, it’s not.

That said, the rest of this information is helpful. I’d like to take a few trips to Europe before I keel over, and it’s alway good to have as much foreknowledge as possible.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Costa on Today at 1:42am


Thank you for your comment. Ok, just take that last bit as an unusual way to put things in a more perspective for all of you, guys. All right?

I am VERY VERY FAR from preaching any beliefs to any of you here, let alone using this Board for any other purposes than warning you of potential pitfalls with chicks from the former SU.

Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by thor on Today at 5:46am


Any man can see this behavior a mile away if his eyes are open. Ukrainian women aren’t perfect either, but I can fix you up with 3 or 4 really good ones on short notice. They are fun to date, beautiful, and charming. They are far more even tempered than German women and even if they are moderate gold diggers, they still meet their obligations to taking care of a man. My girl is awesome. I can only describe her as the finest person I’ve ever known and I’ve tested her more than once to verify this. Another buddy of mine married one and the marriage ended only because he was a complete ass towards her. She stood by him through a rape trial for an offense committed the day she was coming over on the plane to marry him. He got off by the way, but it cost him 100k. His last girlfriend, a vindictive AW decided to hit him with a rape charge to get even with him dumping her. That put me off AW forever after that. His wife was great and I’d have had her eating out of my hand and blowing me three times a day if she’d been mine. He could have treated her moderately like shit and she would have stayed with him too. He left her actually, because his mother was pressuring him to go back to his AW ex- wife and he also had serious head problems from the trial and his screwed up AW mother’s upbringing.

Anyone considering dating a Russian speaking woman should check out one of the lists that cater to them. I am a member of RWL and there was even one for a while for guys who had been burned. Send me a message and I’ll send you a link and recommend you to the moderator.

They are a big help if your not experienced. I read up on this for about 4 years before actually going. It helps to take an active interest in their culture as well. I am learning Russian seriously and already knew a lot about Slavonic history before going over. I’ve never been burned and never went expecting anything but a good time. Treat it as a trip and take a wait and see approach. That is best.

Ukraine is a blast, the women are beautiful and the food is great. The men are men and the whole place loves to party. What more could you want? I plan on retiring there. BTW, Costa, Ukraine is also full of practicing Christians. It is the bible belt of Europe so to speak.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by Mikhail on Today at 6:10am

I don’t think that anyone on this site is under the illusion that all FW are somehow angelic in nature; after all, they are human beings, with all the character flaws that go along with that description.

On the other hand, for those men that are seeking wifely material, the simple statistics about FW speak volumes about their relative superiority to AW. To wit: the divorce rates for FW are approximately one third as compared to AW.

That right there is one hell of a whopping difference; from my point of view, all of the anecdotal opinions regarding the superior attractiveness, etc., of FW are just gravy added to the mix.

After all, it doesn’t matter how good your wife looks or how well she can cook if you end up losing her, eh?

Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by closet rapist on Today at 8:28am

From my experience, Christians are the biggest scumbags on earth.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by fiuprgh on Today at 9:31am

Thanks Costa, good advice.
Re: All those seeking Ukrainian girls: Read this
Post by kestral on Today at 2:27pm

Hey thor, thanks for the great review. I am definitely interested in a trip to Russia or the Ukraine this summer, any information would be appreciated, how do I send a private message to you?

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