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Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex

Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Dec 14, 2005, 7:02pm

Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
by Janice Shaw Crouse
Posted Dec 14, 2005

We’re a long winter away from spring break, but the infomercials promoting “Girls Gone Wild” (GGW) have already begun. The newest rage for the week-long spring-break beach party for high school and college students is soft-core-porn videos showing girls at vacation destinations flashing the cameras or making out with each other. The infomercials are targeted to sports bars and other hard-partying locales near university campuses. Through ubiquitous marketing this sad cultural phenomenon has also become a whole industry complete with DVDs and a clothing line featuring baseball caps with the GGW logo.

The wild girls get nothing out of the exposure except, perhaps, a GGW hat, while the mostly male film crew, production staff and management are living well at the resorts and getting rich off the profits from the low-rent productions. Yet, ironically, the crews don’t have to search for girls; they have girls begging to be on-camera. The girls claim that they are having fun, that it is sexy to show off their cute little clothes and tan, buff bodies.

So this is where feminism has taken women? This type of “sexual liberation” replaces objectification? These girls grab the chance to engage in sexual games where they are just “a piece of meat”?

Sadly, guys are the ones selling the “wild girls” idea. Justin Timberlake sports one of the GGW ball caps. Brad Pitt distributed DVDs about GGW as gifts to fellow actors in a recent movie. Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg hosted one of the GGW videos. But the girls (most of whom are drunk) are piling on (often, literally begging for the opportunity to pile onto the floor to gyrate with each other for the cameras).

In other instances, crowds at the beach apply merciless pressure as guys taunt the girls into a teasing, simulated bedroom romp. Gangs surround girls like they are a tourist attraction — begging them to strip off their tops . . . or bottoms … or both! Ultimately, the girls who refuse are accused of being “too uptight” and encouraged to “just let go.”

Christie Hefner, daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and chairman/CEO of Playboy Enterprises, talks about today’s women feeling a “bit rebellious” and “in-your-face” about their sexuality. She thinks that contemporary women view sex “more in line” with the guys, “but in a fun way, frisky is a good word.” So, the Playboy philosophy continues its indoctrination — women have to behave like the bad guys; otherwise, they are uptight prudes. The girls are fed the myth that impersonal promiscuity is “fun” and being “frisky” is expected and acceptable behavior (in contrast to the horror of being considered uptight or prudish).

Magazines like Playboy are just one medium for this message about women’s sexuality. Pop stars like Jessica Simpson, Christine Aguilera and Britney Spears are all about “taking sexual power away from men.” Cultural hottie Paris Hilton skyrocketed to fame via a homemade sex video. Even athletes are getting in on the action. Anna Kournikova, a mediocre but beautiful Russian tennis player, has become better known for her sexy image in advertisements than for her tennis prowess.

The real story, though, is what happens to those girls who give in.

More and more doctors are seeing women complaining about low sex drive. Therapists are claiming that they see as many cases of female ‘performance anxiety’ as they used to see from males. Clinics report that women increasingly feel that they need to be sexually experienced. Coupled with their perceived necessity for a perfect body is their perception that they have to deliver fantastic sex to complete strangers.

Over the past year, the number of calls from women to the Sexual Dysfunction Association have increased by 25 percent — the 2,500 calls last year completely overshadow the “handful” of calls from women five years ago.

One researcher was honest enough to declare that the problem was not low sex drive, but that “women’s levels of desire are . . . complex.” Another sexual health doctor wondered if they ought to conduct more research into “what makes women aroused.”

Even as early as the 1980s, a popular bestseller by Marabel Morgan, “The Total Woman,” identified the brain as a woman’s “control center” for sex. Even scholarly researchers and marriage counselors agree that sex is as much mental as physical. In fact, a vast body of knowledge indicates that a respectful, trusting, committed relationship is necessary for a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

These real experts are willing to plainly explain to girls that what they are looking for can’t be found in casual, meaningless sex. If none of this sage advice gets through, perhaps today’s Girls Gone Wild ought to listen to the words of Dierks Bentley’s country music hit: “I know what I was feeling, but, man, what was I thinking?”
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by antiriad on Dec 14, 2005, 7:48pm


How fucking dumb of me, to assume that men watched the videos because of *content* – not because of the obvious reason: that it was promoted by celebrities.

Stupid fucking bitch, thinks men are as herd-oriented as she is. Someone send her back to the kitchen, on the double.
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by travis on Dec 14, 2005, 9:02pm

“So this is where feminism has taken women? This type of “sexual liberation” replaces objectification? These girls grab the chance to engage in sexual games where they are just “a piece of meat”? “

Like mother, like daughter.
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by Good Stuff on Dec 15, 2005, 2:30am

GGW… hmmmm…. should be more of it.
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by Drifter on Dec 15, 2005, 3:22am

This article is dripping with hatred for men.

Yet again, men are held responsible for the actions of women.

Imagine if the criminal justice reassigned responsibility on account of “merciless pressure” from taunting.

Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by HH on Dec 15, 2005, 4:06am

Women are sluts.
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by Allah on Dec 15, 2005, 8:52am

Yawn…how many times do they need to be educated on this topic: most men worth having do not want a girl for the long term who has been had by every guy in town. I sometimes wonder if the sluttiest girls are repressed lesbians because it could be a way of exerting power over men in their odd way of thinking, after all sex with a man means nothing and it’s their way of having power over a man through his weakness. Do any of these women stop to think, that as the recipient in the sex act, they are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases? So, if these self-proclaimed princesses decide that their biological clocks are ticking down in their thirties and they want to marry any chump who comes along, they might find themselves a little less marketable when they’ve undergone two or three abortions and have to explain a case of Herpes and a video of them out there somewhere having sex with some frat boy/biker dude/investment banker, whatever their taste was on that particular day. Happy I got through my youth with none of the following:
1. Tattoos
2. Body Piercings
3. Unwanted Children
4. Cause of an abortion
5. Sexually transmitted Diseases
6. Rehab.
7. Insane Asylum
8. Prison.
9. Mountains of debt.
10. Marriage to a woman who watches Sex and the City/Desperate Housewives/Oprah; has a double-digit IQ, comes from a dysfunctional family, has been around the block, can’t manage money, has had abortions, has tattoos, can’t shut up about Hollywood, etc.
Re: Girls Go Wild Over Casual Sex
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Dec 15, 2005, 8:54am

Yeah I read this too and laughed my ass off. I have seen Women in their Thirties with a few drinks in them go wild also. This is how the Date Rape nonsense started. Women were HORNY drank too much as the rationalization to excuse their Slutiness and then screamed when they woke up in Bed naked with Biker Bob and a sore ass. Then consentual wild sex became rape.

I have had Women grab my ass in North Texas and said “Can I take this home”? And wink at me. I had one grab my Crotch attractive Brunette said “Can I have this for my Birthday”? I said sorry I’m married. Her response.

“I won’t tell I’m discrete.” She was the married CEO of a Merchant Processing Company in Northern California and I was at a Trade Show.

But this is all Men’s fault. Bull Shit.

Written by dontmarry

August 2, 2007 at 6:23 pm


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