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Male Pride and Female Prejudice

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Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by sayonara on Jan 6, 2006, 1:45am

Turned on the TV tonight, not sure why, I know something anti-male on it will piss me off. Anyway, I happened upon the horrible MSNBC Tucker Carlson show. He was interviewing the guy who wrote the article below. These media fools agreed that:

  1. there are more women enrolled/graduating from college than men 57% … moving towards 60%. (fine, we know this already)
  2. because of this, women will be earning more money than men (because of superior intelligence, of course)
  3. because of this men are no longer in the “bread winner” provider role and responsible for taking care of their family.
  4. men, now that we’re inferior, are seeking to marry these superior women (men aren’t ashamed of it).
  5. women don’t want to marry men who make less money or are less educated than themselves.

They concluded by asking each other what are men worth if they aren’t the family providers anymore? Tucker said, something like “nothing, they aren’t necessary.” The other guy agreed.

Anybody else catch it?

Little do they know, we’re simply going our own way.

Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Published: January 3, 2006

Traditionalists seem to be a dwindling minority as men have come to appreciate the value of a wife’s paycheck.

When there are three women for every two men graduating from college, whom will the third woman marry?

This is not an academic question. Women, who were a minority on campuses a quarter-century ago, today make up 57 percent of undergraduates, and the gender gap is projected to reach a 60-40 ratio within a few years. So more women, especially black and Hispanic women, will be in a position to get better-paying, more prestigious jobs than their husbands, which makes for a tricky variation of “Pride and Prejudice.”

It’s still a universal truth, as Jane Austen wrote, that a man with a fortune has good marriage prospects. It’s not so universal for a woman with a fortune, because pride makes some men determined to be the chief breadwinner. But these traditionalists seem to be a dwindling minority as men have come to appreciate the value of a wife’s paycheck.

A woman’s earning power, while hardly the first thing that men look for, has become a bigger draw, as shown in surveys of college students over the decades. In 1996, for the first time, college men rated a potential mate’s financial prospects as more important than her skills as a cook or a housekeeper.

In the National Survey of Families and Households conducted during the early 1990’s, the average single man under 35 said he was quite willing to marry someone earning much more than he did. He wasn’t as interested in marrying someone making much less than he did, and he was especially reluctant to marry a woman who was unlikely to hold a steady job.

Those findings jibe with what I’ve seen. I can’t think of any friend who refused to date a woman because she made more money than he did. When friends have married women with bigger paychecks, the only financial complaints I’ve heard from them have come when a wife later decided to pursue a more meaningful – i.e., less lucrative – career.

Nor can I recall hearing guys insult a man, to his face or behind his back, for making less than his wife. The only snide comments I’ve heard have come from women talking about their friends’ husbands. I’ve heard just a couple of hardened Manhattanites do that, but I wouldn’t dismiss them as isolated reactionaries because you can see this prejudice in that national survey of singles under 35.

The women surveyed were less willing to marry down – marry someone with much lower earnings or less education – than the men were to marry up. And, in line with Jane Austen, the women were also more determined to marry up than the men were.

You may think that women’s attitudes are changing as they get more college degrees and financial independence. A women who’s an executive can afford to marry a struggling musician. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to. Studies by David Buss of the University of Texas and others have shown that women with higher incomes, far from relaxing their standards, put more emphasis on a mate’s financial resources.

And once they’re married, women with higher incomes seem less tolerant of their husbands’ shortcomings. Steven Nock of the University of Virginia has found that marriages in which the wife and husband earn roughly the same are more likely to fail than other marriages. That situation doesn’t affect the husband’s commitment to the marriage, Nock concludes, but it weakens the wife’s and makes her more likely to initiate divorce.

It’s understandable that women with good paychecks have higher standards for their partners, since their superior intelligence, education and income give them what Buss calls high “mate value.” They know they’re catches and want to find someone with equal mate value – someone like Mr. Darcy instead of a dullard like the cleric spurned by Elizabeth Bennet.

“Of course, some women marry for love and find a man’s resources irrelevant,” Buss says. “It’s just that the men women tend to fall in love with, on average, happen to have more resources.”

Which means that, on average, college-educated women and high-school-educated men will have a harder time finding partners as long as educators keep ignoring the gender gap that starts long before college. Advocates for women have been so effective politically that high schools and colleges are still focusing on supposed discrimination against women: the shortage of women in science classes and on sports teams rather than the shortage of men, period. You could think of this as a victory for women’s rights, but many of the victors will end up celebrating alone.

Feminists comments

The article is here, but requires registration.

Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by antiriad on Jan 6, 2006, 10:56am

Quote:That situation doesn’t affect the husband’s commitment to the marriage, Nock concludes, but it weakens the wife’s and makes her more likely to initiate divorce.

Precisely as Amneus pointed out in Garbage Generation.

What are men necessary for? These dumb broads will be eating their words when ultra-masculine Muslims start showing up in increasing numbers and telling them to shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen.

Meanwhile western men will observe from the sidelines, with a smirk. You made your bed, feminist. Lie in it.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by Pomgran on Jan 6, 2006, 12:17pm

Most of the jobs these women go to when they leave school are jobs you can easily outsource. If Wal Mart gets into banking all those over inflated salaries bankers have will go bye bye and I know Citi group and JP Morgan have a lot of women working there. Degree or not, white collar jobs are the easiest jobs to outsource, I’m just waiting for that huge wave to roll in. 5-10 years all those degreed women will be working at Wal-Mart making $9 an hour while the guy who went to trade school is making $20 because you can’t outsource car repair.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by rule62 on Jan 7, 2006, 4:05am

These articles make me laugh. For men, I think a lot of us are not going to college now because a lot of us never wanted to in the first place. I did, but I had a lot of friends in high school who really wanted to go into a trade because (shock and horror!!!) they liked the work – mechanic, carpenter, electrician, whatever.

But there was tremendous pressure to go to college so you could get a good job, get a family, provide for them, get the house in the suburbs, all that.

Is it possible that men now are deciding they could care less about marriage and really are going their own way? Saying I will do what I want, and I do not plan on getting married. If it happens, great. If not who cares. And if I decide I want to have a family, I catch a Lufthansa flight to Kiev.

Just a thought.

I don’t know, this seems like women’s screwed up priorities to me. Do white collar men “look down” on guys who work in trades? Of course not. I often wonder if I should have done it. Get into construction or something. I probably would have a decent sized crew by now. Or maybe just be happy working as a an independent. Who knows.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by playerintraining on Jan 7, 2006, 7:02am

What a piece of shit. I’m so damn sick of these “conservatives”. Hell, I used to think they were the lesser of two evils. No doubt in my mind now–they are the worse of two evils. At least you can spot the evil of left wingers from afar.

The idea that men aren’t valuable because they don’t make more than a woman is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. If women feel that way, she can have a damn kid on her own.

I love this idea that women will make more than men because of a college degree. It is so nonsensical.

Wages go up when they are more productive. When investors put money into capital equipment, they enable wage earners to produce more in less time. Costs per unit go down, profits go up, as well as wages.

Wages for various white collar jobs are artificially high. Many of them can (and will) eventually be outsourced, or computerized. In general, this would be a good thing, as labor is freed up to do something else.

With all of these women graduating from college, the supply of “qualified” women will increase, driving the wages of all of them down.

I foresee a time when productivity actually declines because of increased female involvement in the workforce. You can’t become an expert in your field when you have to take time out to have a baby and raise a child.

I see boys and men getting sick of the corporate rat race, which is what school really trains you for. The smart men will get out of school early and start working in a skilled trade. They will go back to school on an as need basis. Their goal will be to work for themselves, not some unpleasant manager (who is ever more likely to be a woman).

Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by GuestWill on Jan 7, 2006, 7:31am

College can be a great investment if you study and choose a major that provides you with knowledge and skills for an entry level job in a solid career.

There are plenty of accountants, financial analysts, computer programmers, engineers who benefited by going to school. There are also plenty of guys who studied worthless things who can’t find a job making $10/hour.

Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by TyHigs on Jan 7, 2006, 10:34am

Computer Science and Engineering don’t guarantee anything either. There are guys with masters degrees who cant get jobs in these fields. They’re either overqualified (too educated) or inexperienced.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by King Karan on Jan 7, 2006, 10:38am

I had a “worthless” major, sold to me then under the guise of “liberal education would open my mind”. It was enjoyable AT THE TIME, but what a waste of time and resources. My mind is plenty open thank you very much. I can always (and I do) read, engage in conversation and broaden my horizons. However, that is not education. That’s opening of the mind should happen in high school, not college.

In a word, it was nice to intellectualize, but didn’t help me in real life. I struggled several years after college to “adjust” and learn on the job (several jobs). Waste of my time filled with uncertainty and stress.

Don’t have “undecided” major in college. You must know yourself and the direction you are going. I know that many are confused, such is the economy and the society, there is little information and advice. Try things in college, examine your professional affinities, the few things you can do long term – those will likely be your professions.

Thus, to survive in an increasingly socialist and anti-men environment, seriously consider for the most part “technical” majors, something that is profession oriented, or vocational training. And not one, have two or more professions. Work hard – it is YOUR life that someone will like to steal later on. Only then you will be content and not at the mercy of bureaucrats to have a job as many people I see every day do.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Jan 7, 2006, 10:50am

Been out of town for a few days on business. Anyway it is interesting to see the Prejudice. Maybe it is the age of Women that I have dated. They expect a “Real Man” to take care of them. My Father was and is an Alpha Male. His latter part of his career was a Hatchet Man who rescued “Black Projects” DOD contracts over budget and in trouble and to straighten out the messes.

I am a chip off the old block. Low tolerance for Bull Shit, and expect her to hold up her end of the deal or hit the bricks bitch. Find less and less trustworthy Women. This due to the sick and debased culture and unrealistic expectations of our society.

I will be damned busy for the next year. As I have major responsibilities. Even so I am working on my book, my blog, learning to podcast. Thanks for the recommendation Bart. Yeah Women have sure screwed the pooch. Dumb bells to listen to Orca Winfrey, Entitlement Princess.
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by nemo on Jan 7, 2006, 3:48pm

Has anyone else noticed that our visa policies allow huge numbers of foreigners to enter high-paying professions which are dominated by men (IT, computers, science and engineering) but issues very few visas for high-wage professions which are preferred by women, such as medical doctors and lawyers? Only the low-wage nursing profession employs lots of female foreign visa holders.

If Bill Gates really wanted to encourage the smartest Americans to study computers instead of law, then he would lobby for unlimited visas for foreign lawyers. Instead, the hundreds of thousands of visas which are granted to swarms of Indian and Chinese engineers are making it less attractive for US citizens to study those subjects. The smart kids are becoming lawyers instead of producers of wealth. The US spent more on tort litigation last year than on scientific research.

Does anyone think that we can sue each other into a state of prosperity?
Re: Male Pride and Female Prejudice
Post by SumYungGi on Jan 7, 2006, 4:50pm

To state the obvious:
Men will always make more money then women because men pursue money while women pursue happiness. Any jobs women perform they will do because it’s fun, and will not generally put in the extra hours necessary or accept the stress of a high level job. At the same time, jobs the attract women will attract more applicants, thus driving down wages.

Written by dontmarry

July 16, 2007 at 11:45 am

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