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Why nice guys SUCK

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Why nice guys SUCK
Date: 2006-09-10, 9:19PM EDT

This is a long rant, so bear with me or hit your back button. I’m frustrated and in no mood for your shit either, so if you don’t want to read it, well…

So I’m dating a nice guy now and it SUCKS. No other way to explain it, it just SUCKS. He’s no challenge. He agrees with everything I say. He’s got it all though – a decent job, a nice house, no kids, no psycho ex-wives, and he’s tall and cute. Anyone ever seen that Friends episode when Alec Baldwin played Phoebe’s boyfriend?? YEAH, my boyfriend is THAT nice. He’s just too fucking nice. Nice is boring. I’ve never heard him raise his voice. He’s never aggressive. He has no edge. He won’t even drive over the speed limit and that fucking annoys the shit out of me, yet I sit in the passenger seat and keep my mouth shut… watching everyone whiz by us.

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July 10, 2010 at 6:52 pm

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“Married Men – Post Here If You Hate Your Life”

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“Married Men – Post Here If You Hate Your Life”
Post by happyghost


Some of you may recall a few months back, either on the now-defunct DGM2 board or here, perhaps both, a plea was made for anyone who had archived the classic, huge thread from years ago that was entitled “Married Men – Post Here If You Hate Your Life”, from a forum on the old website f*** Apparently the thread is now “lost”, and seems to exist nowhere on the web anymore.

You may also recall that I said, at the time, that I had spent many hours reading portions of this thread out of the Google cache of it (the thread was gone from the website itself). That Google cache is now long gone, as well. I may have mentioned that, although at the time I read it the Google cache was missing a good amount of the enormous number of pages in the thread, I had read through all the available pages and had cut and pasted the best posts into a text file as I went. This eliminated all the crappy posts, and all the pointless bickering (some feminists really got into attack mode), and preserved only the BEST posts for posterity.

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Men have lost the ‘battle of the sexes’ . . . because the opponent cheats

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Men have lost the ‘battle of the sexes’ . . . because the opponent cheats

Gentlemen, it is now obvious that the much ballyhooed “battle of the sexes” was over even before it had begun, and our side never fired a shot. It is incumbent on men to raise the white flag of surrender, but we mustn’t feel bad because we never had a chance — we are far too chivalrous, and our opponents fight dirty. To use a baseball analogy, their tactics are akin to moving the outfield wall in 100 feet every time they come to bat, then moving it back when our team comes up. You see, women won the battle with an amazingly simple, yet frighteningly ingenious, strategy: they merely declared their superiority to men in every facet of life, and that was enough to send our side into retreat. The facts speak for themselves:

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Young men need to grow up

Post by dash on Jan 14, 2008, 3:57pm
Get it together, guys! :)

January 11, 2008, 2:06 pm
‘Young Single Male’ Is Urged to Grow Up

People shouldn’t dignify the videogame-playing and hard partying of some 20-something males as a phase of self-discovery, says Kay S. Hymowitz in the conservative City Journal. She suggests the so-called Young Single Male grow up before he wrecks society (article not yet available online).

Men are increasingly delaying marriage to their late 20s and beyond. As seen in movies such as the “40-Year-Old Virgin” or “Knocked Up,” they fill their prolonged bachelorhood by watching gross-out videos on the Internet, playing videogames and flitting from one halfserious girlfriend to another.

Continue Reading ‘Young men Need to grow up’ (PDF).

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May 18, 2009 at 4:55 pm

The Psycho Moment: Engagement

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The Psycho Moment: Engagement
Date: 2004-04-06, 4:35PM CDT

Some years have passed, so I can talk about this now.

Many many moons ago, I started dating this very cool girl. We hit it off right away, had lots in common, she was smart, aggressive, cool and funny. And hot. Really hot.

So we dated for a while, which became a year, then nearly two. I figured she was it. We worked together on decisions, but I followed my passions and she followed hers – both career professionals, both creative, and both ready to kick this town for a Caribbean cottage if the thought ever struck us. Adventure. Romance. Lots of Sex. All was right with my world.

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March 31, 2009 at 3:56 pm

Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless.

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Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless.
Date: 2007-02-06, 2:24PM PST

I’ll try to sum up a funny story that happened a few years ago:

I got a vasectomy.

I met a girl soon afterwards. She was nice and attractive but with a selfish streak that raised a big red flag. She was 32 at the time and I could practically HEAR her biological clock ticking. Regardless, she was a good lay, easy on the eyes, and reasonably good company.

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March 31, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Weddings down 27% in France

Weddings down 27% in France
Post by virginiabob on Jan 28, 2006, 9:53am

babies up

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April 8, 2008 at 6:09 am

Eminem pusses out for his ex

Eminem pusses out for his ex
Post by toadman on Jan 14, 2006, 7:05pm

January 14, 2006

EMINEM has taken a second trip down the aisle with KIMBERLY MATHERS Saturday in a suburb of their hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

The couple arrived at famous Meadow Brook Hall museum in Rochester Hills separately, the groom riding in a black limo and bride in a white limo. They then said their “I do’s” just after 5 p.m. in an intimate, sunset ceremony in front of family and friends. Their daughter HAILIE was one of the bridesmaids.

The tumultuous twosome applied for a marriage license this past Thursday in Macomb County. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, and Kim, married the first time in 1999 and divorced in 2001 following a nasty custody battle involving their daughter. During a recent interview on a Detroit radio station to promote his greatest hits CD Curtain Call, Eminem revealed he was indeed back with Kim. “We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry.”

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March 11, 2008 at 6:03 am

Manhaters being mentioned on RADIO

Manhaters being mentioned on RADIO
Post by Kim Cole on Mar 7, 2006, 8:00pm

Manhaters being mentioned on RADIO

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January 22, 2008 at 11:41 am

I am sick of USA shit women

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I am sick of USA shit women
Post by niceguy78 on Mar 20, 2006, 8:42pm

Now there is no way in hell I would date a USA shit woman, much less consider a relationship. I am not that stupid (I am not sure how any man lucky enough to discover this site would ever date a USA shit woman).

I would estimate only 5% of the USA female population is physically attractive enough to me, to even have a one night stand. And of those 5%, as soon as I watch them for 5 minutes, or hear them talk for 5 minutes, or just see how they dress, 99% of that 5% are also tossed out the window.

Disgusting damn creatures, some where below human and above dog, though probably closer to dog. Looking manly, acting manly, shitty, irresponsible, angry at the world, worthless twits.

Any who, I only deal with USA shit women, when I am forced to do so (work, store, etc.).

And even at that I am sick of them. I am burning out, it is time to get out of this country, ASAP, but will probably be a few years.

I have been working at an “upscale” bar, checking ID’s or helping bounce. The women there are all the same. They are annoying as hell. All either want the guy who acts like the biggest dumbshit, or they want some rich guy to pay for their drinks. When it is time to close, we have to ask people to leave, politely, unless they stay around then we chase them off. The men are usually very friendly, an “oh, okay, thanks for the warning”. About 50% of the women are the same, the other 05% curl their lip and act like they are pissed that I am warning them to finish their drinks. You do your job, and are helpful, and that is the treatment you receive. Though I expect it, and just ignore them, or even on purposely bump into them while walking by.

At work, the women seem to be out of the office nearly 40% of the time. They have to go to the dentist, the eye doctor, the cunt doctor, the kids have to be picked up, etc., etc. Today the weather was iffy, but not bad. The women in the office all used it as an excuse to leave early. When they are actually in the office, often they sit around and gossip about some office politics bullshit. It is like working with children.

At the gym, they often get in the damn road. Putting their towel and water on some bench press, and then strutting across the gym to use something else. Or they will get on a stair stepper, go about the speed of a slow walk, and chat on their cell phone, hoping everyone is “impressed”.

What a damn disaster. How are men still wanting to date these pieces of trash?

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January 8, 2008 at 1:48 pm

Check out this debate with a typical woman

Check out this debate with a typical woman
Post by romulus on Feb 2, 2006, 12:45am

This is an excerpt from a discussion I was having with a typical woman on another web-board. Notice how she fails to use logic and reason in her counter arguments to mine and tries to redirect the argument. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it. I am “Mythos219″


by – kkid4 35 minutes ago (Wed Feb 1 2006 21:04:58 )

There is an unspoken rule in our society that a man is what he does and a woman is what she looks like. I do not agree with this absurd and meaningless perception but it is quite prevalent. That’s why you see 30 year old fashion models with 60-year-old millionaires, for example. Each exploits the other as a symbol of what our society so shallowly worships. (How else would a buffoon like Donald Trump have a love life?)

If there are more clothing lines, et al for women – it stems from the mindset that is ingrained in women from birth to look good. For us, our appearance is everything and what we’re supposed to look like is shoved down our throats ad naseum. I daresay for the majority of these industries that promote this, it is MEN who reap the riches from it. It is to the point – which hearkens back to the essence of the tv show we’ve referred to – that a woman isn’t happy with her body unless it’s fake.

So blame the fat-cat men behind the image industries in our society for your lamentation of gender-specific merchandising.

Actually, mythos, you sound more like you have a “axe to grind” here than actually making an intellectual and logical argument.

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January 8, 2008 at 8:01 am

Domestic violence victims seeking visas

Domestic violence victims seeking visas
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Feb 26, 2006, 10:31am

Domestic violence victims seeking visas

DALLAS – The number of immigrant women who disclosed they were domestic violence victims doubled in four years under a federal law letting them report the abuse without losing their chance to gain legal status.

Women whose immigration status hinged on their marriage to a U.S. citizen or legal resident can apply for immigrant visas on their own through provisions in the Violence Against Women Act. The law also applies to children who were abused by a parent.

Figures from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services show in fiscal year 1995, the first in which spouses and children could file under the law’s provisions, there were no successful cases. By fiscal year 2000, immigration authorities received 3,393 petitions under the domestic violence law and approved 2,968 of them. The latest figures available show 6,877 people filed petitions in 2004, with 5,076 of them receiving approval.

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January 2, 2008 at 7:15 pm

Bettys are more common than you think

Bettys are more common than you think
Post by TyHigs on Jan 29, 2006, 6:45pm

I may have told this story before. But I used to be an avid AOL chatter. My goal? To meet women for sex/relationships.

Back in 2000 this was possible. It wasn’t overrun with fatties yet. There were a few attractive girls but usually they lived far. But I had no problem driving to eastern PA, MD, DE or CT. 18 year old women were usually willing. I loved how the older women would deny me based loosely on a financial basis (“You probably aren’t even finished with school yet” = no money).

Anyhow, there was one woman in particular who made a name for herself (at least to me) for being a bitch for no reason; a complete drama queen. She never had any intention of meeting any man from AOL, cause she thinks shes too attractive for that.

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December 12, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Interesting article by a woman..

Interesting article by a woman..
Post by RPCV on Jan 24, 2006, 7:53am

This was a newsweek article but posted on MSN. It’s long but pay close attention …

The Trouble With Boys (PDF)

Thirty years ago men represented 58 percent of the undergraduate student body. Now they’re a minority at 44 percent. This widening achievement gap, says Margaret Spellings, U.S. secretary of Education, “has profound implications for the economy, society, families and democracy.

Some scholars, notably Christina Hoff Sommers, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, charge that misguided feminism is what’s been hurting boys. In the 1990s, she says, girls were making strong, steady progress toward parity in schools, but feminist educators portrayed them as disadvantaged and lavished them with support and attention.

One of the most reliable predictors of whether a boy will succeed or fail in high school rests on a single question: does he have a man in his life to look up to? Too often, the answer is no. High rates of divorce and single motherhood have created a generation of fatherless boys.

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December 9, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Win! Law forbids women to kill fetuses.

Win! Law forbids women to kill fetuses.
Post by nobodyspecial on Feb 24, 2006, 2:46am

South Dakota lawmakers yesterday approved the nation’s ban on abortion

Brainless feminists are rolling on the floor and screaming.

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December 6, 2007 at 7:35 am

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times
Post by angela on Apr 4, 2006, 11:00pm

“FW” wives must like fat american men! All this talk of AW are shit this and shit that … in reality american men are fat, undesirable shit men! I saw this guy on my way home. I looked over his shoulder to see what he was doing on his computer and he was reading this site!




Men Are Getting Fat

By MIKE STOBBE, Associated Press Writer
Tue Apr 4, 6:47 PM ET

More American children are getting fat, with more than one-third now overweight. More of their dads are getting heavy, too. But the percentage of women who are overweight seems to have peaked, leading some experts to wonder if the U.S. obesity epidemic may soon be leveling off.

Overall, larger proportions of the U.S. public are overweight than ever before, according to the government’s most accurate recent check of the nation’s girth. But women — who as a group are more obese — seem to be holding steady.

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December 4, 2007 at 11:09 am


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Post by angela on Yesterday at 12:57pm

You hypocrites will post this

and you fail to post this?

Homeland Security official arrested in child sex sting
Sheriff: Suspect chatted online with detective posing as teen girl

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Department of Homeland Security official was arrested Tuesday night on charges of using his computer to seduce a child after he allegedly struck up sexually explicit conversations with a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl, authorities said.

Brian J. Doyle, 55, is charged with seven counts of use of a computer to seduce a child and 16 counts of transmission of harmful material to a minor, according to the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office.

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November 27, 2007 at 7:32 pm

Nameless1 – Are you now soured on marriage?

Nameless1 – Are you now soured on marriage?
Post by bgrove on Aug 7, 2005, 8:16pm

N1 – Are you now soured on marriage, now that things don’t seem to be going in that direction for you?

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Hollywood ‘Homosexualizing’ America

Hollywood ‘Homosexualizing’ America
Post by khankrumthebulgar on Feb 21, 2006, 7:36am

Hollywood ‘Homosexualizing’ America

By Terry Vanderheyden

HOLLYWOOD, January 18, 2006 ( – This time, “Hollywood has gone way too far,” according to Stephen Bennett, Host of Straight Talk Radio, who is critical of Hollywood’s decision to award four Golden Globe awards to the homosexual cowboy movie, “Brokeback Mountain.”

“Hollywood has sunk to an all-time moral low,” Bennett emphasized. “I guess 2006 will be known as ‘The Year of the Homosexual’ in Hollywood. With ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ ‘TransAmerica’ and ‘Capote’ winning several major ‘gender-bender’ Golden Globes – Hollywood is no doubt ‘out’ on a mission to ‘homosexualize America.”

Felicity Huffman, a star in the television series Desperate Housewives, won best actress for her role as a male who undergoes a sex change operation in the movie Transamerica. Philip Seymour Hoffman won best actor for his portrayal of homosexual Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in the movie Capote.

Bennett, a former homosexual of 11 years, along with his wife and co-host Irene, led the charge in sounding the alarm nationally on “Brokeback Mountain” upon its release this past December. He isn’t surprised at all about last night’s celebration of homosexuality and transsexuality at the Golden Globe, though. Bennett says in Hollywood today, anything other than heterosexuality is “chic.”

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October 10, 2007 at 9:26 am

Women, soon obsolete?

Women, soon obsolete?
Post by HM on Jan 18, 2006, 2:49am

Goodbye, woman!…


Hello, Fleshlight!

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October 9, 2007 at 9:48 am


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